Discovering Bodrum

Bodrum Tea House

A Cup of Turkish Coffee helps Jay Artale appreciate Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula “Türk Kahvesi Lütfen.” I’d ordered my first cup of Turkish Coffee seamlessly, or so I thought. But my request was met with a barrage of Turkish I had no chance of understanding.  After a moments silence and my blank stare, the waiter came […]

Hierapolis – A Sacred City Built on Thermal Springs

Arch of Domitian - Hierapolis

Hierapolis Was a Sacred City That Was Famous For Its Hot Springs: Just next to the very popular travertine terraces of Pamukkale is Hierapolis, known as a Sacred City because of the many temples and other religious buildings that existed here. Hierapolis was also famous for its hot springs in ancient times, with people coming […]

Aspendos – Live from the famous Roman amphitheatre


The Aspendos Theatre is the Best Preserved Roman Theatre From the Ancient World Helen Page is checking out the renowned Roman amphitheatre at Aspendos in Turkey, the best preserved in the world, but the heat is scorching and there’s a lot of very white marble… “So here we are in Aspendos. We’ve driven here this […]

Aspendos – Famous for its Roman Amphitheatre

Aspendos Theatre, Aspendos

The Aspendos Theatre is the Best Preserved Roman Theatre From the Ancient World:   Aspendos is one of the more popular historic sites in the Antalya region. This Greco-Roman city is situated on the Pamphylian plain near the Köprüçay River (previously the Euromedion River), about 47 km east of Antalya.  During ancient times, the central […]

Troy – Where Homer’s Trojan War Was Fought

Trojan Horse - Troai

Troy Is Best Known for the Trojan War as Told in Homer’s Iliad: The ancient city of Troy, (or Troia) is best known as the setting for the Trojan War, as told in Homer’s Iliad. The legendarily beautiful Helen of Troy, the fight for love, feuding armies, mythical gods and the famous Trojan horse strategy […]

At the Fluted Minaret: live from Antalya


Antalya’s Old Town and iconic Fluted Minaret are a must-see Helen Page is in Antalya, looking out over the Old Town, Kaleiçi, and Yivli Minare, the famous Fluted Minaret, one of the oldest of Antalya’s Seljuk monuments and an icon of the city. “So here we are in the old town of Antalya. We came […]

Ottoman Village Experience – Live from Cumalikizik


Cumalikizik’s historic Ottoman houses make the village a Turkish national monument Helen Page greets you from the historic Ottoman village of Cumalikizik, located on the lower slopes of Mount Uludağ, south-east of Bursa. It is one of five villages that have been preserved as national monuments. “Wow water everywhere. This place is just amazing. There’s […]

Istanbul – A City Where East and West Do Meet

Istanbul flag seller

Istanbul Attractions and Tours, Istanbul Hotels and Istanbul Things to Do: Istanbul is a city of many contradictions. It is Asian and European, modern and ancient, religious and secular, mystical and practical and what makes it so appealing is the co-existence of all these opposing qualities. Visitors will find Istanbul a melting pot of many […]