Aspendos – Live from the famous Roman amphitheatre

The Aspendos Theatre is the Best Preserved Roman Theatre From the Ancient World

Helen Page is checking out the renowned Roman amphitheatre at Aspendos in Turkey, the best preserved in the world, but the heat is scorching and there’s a lot of very white marble… tweet

“So here we are in Aspendos. We’ve driven here this morning from Konya. It’s really hot here. It says that it’s 37C but it feels much hotter than that with all the heat reflecting from the stone.

This place is amazing. We’ve seen lots of changes in Turkey but this place hasn’t changed. It’s so well preserved. Look at it.

They used to have lots of concerts and performances here but now all that’s been moved out to the concert hall just down the road and this place is reserved for opera, which is really great. The annual opera festival, I think, is in June.

Many things have changed in Turkey but look at this place, it’s just amazing, really much the same as it ever was. It’s so well preserved. But it’s really hot at the moment. It’s about 37C and we’re baking. So I’m going to walk to the shade now.”

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