At the Fluted Minaret: live from Antalya

Antalya’s Old Town and iconic Fluted Minaret are a must-see

Helen Page is in Antalya, looking out over the Old Town, Kaleiçi, and Yivli Minare, the famous Fluted Minaret, one of the oldest of Antalya’s Seljuk monuments and an icon of the city. tweet

“So here we are in the old town of Antalya. We came this morning and started walking down to the harbour and had a look at people taking off on cruises in very nice wooden boats. And, we walked all the way round to the Truncated Tower and all the way around the back and now we’re here past Hadrian’s Gate to the Clock Tower.

Behind me you’ll see the Fluted Minaret, which is the symbol of Antalya. It’s kinda like their Eiffel Tower. It’s really hot here, another hot day in Turkey. There are lots of flags around… and lots of people around so I’m going to get out of the way now.”

At this stage a large group walks past Tony’s camera, including a dog, who decided that he likes Tony and started licking his ear. In Turkey, even the dogs are friendly!

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