Troy and the Wooden Horse But No Brad Pitt

Troy is a buzz for archaeologists, for tourists, less so (but you can climb the Wooden Horse)

Helen Page is at the ancient site of Troy, contemplating climbing into the Greeks’ Wooden Horse, which looks old but not THAT old… tweet

“So here we are… in Troy!… as you can see from this famous Trojan Horse – the most famous symbol of this city. We came from Izmir this morning and made a stop at Pergamon. It’s twenty to five and it’s still really hot. But Troy is the most famous city and Homer based his epic “The Iliad” on this city and the Trojan War. Ten years of fighting between the Greeks and the Trojans and this is famous horse that the Greeks used to finally defeat the Trojans.

Not a lot left to see, but definitely atmospheric

Apparently there’s not a lot left to see, but there’s actually nine layers of civilization here. So in fact they’re still excavating and there’s a lot going on, but in terms of monuments it’s not as impressive as, say, Ephesus. I’m going to go off and have a look around the site and probably pick up a little about what’s been happening here and see what the archaeologists are excavating. No Brad Pitt, though. So I’m off now, see you later, Bye.”

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