Turkish Delight – A Stop for Some Delightful Lokum


Lokum or Turkish Delight Is A Popular Turkish Sweet: On the way from Cumalikizik to Gordion we stopped by a roadside confectionery shop that was full of Turkish delights, not just lokum, but the very popular kestane sekeri (candied chestnuts), fruit gums, chocolate with pistachio and more. Lokum We were given some candied chestnuts to […]

Gizli Bahçe Konaklari – The Secret Garden Mansions in Antalya

Secret Garden Mansions

Gizli Bahçe Konaklari – The Secret Garden Mansions of Antalya: High above Antalya harbour and nestled against the old city fortification we came across Gizli Bahçe Konaklari, a cliff-top restaurant with fabulous views of Antalya Yacht Harbour and its surrounds. But, the Gizli Bahçe Konaklari is not just a restaurant with splendid scenic views.  Here […]

The Pudding Shop – Once a Starting Point of the Hippie Trail

Lale Restaurant

The Pudding Shop – This Istanbul Restaurant Was Once the Start of the Hippie Trail: Just opposite from the Blue Mosque is the famous Pudding Shop, a nickname for the Lale Restaurant. Started in 1957 by the Colpan brothers, Idris and Namik, the Pudding Shop became famous in the 1970s as the meeting place and […]