Turkish Delight – A Stop for Some Delightful Lokum

Lokum or Turkish Delight Is A Popular Turkish Sweet:

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Lokum or Turkish Delight

On the way from Cumalikizik to Gordion we stopped by a roadside confectionery shop that was full of Turkish delights, not just lokum, but the very popular kestane sekeri (candied chestnuts), fruit gums, chocolate with pistachio and more.


We were given some candied chestnuts to try, but the most tempting treat in this shop was the lokum or Turkish delight.

In the glass-encased counter, there were rolls and rolls of Turkish delight of various flavours. The Turkish delight costs TL15 a kilo, but you can buy smaller quantities. All we had to do was tell the very friendly shop owner what flavours and how much of each we wanted and he snipped the rolls of Turkish delight into bit-size pieces with his special scissors.

Although rose and mint are the traditional flavours, I chose half a roll of rose flavour and half of pistachio and my bag of lokum came to TL 3.00. It was the nicest Turkish delight that I’ve ever tasted as it was fresh and there was plenty of pistachio in the pistachio flavoured ones.

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A stop for Turkish Delight

My bag of Turkish delight didn’t last long and my two regrets were not buying more and not finding out the name of this shop. Perhaps some passerby on this website may recognize the shop and let me know. The owner of the shop was a lovely guy and it would be nice to be able to recommend his shop to others.
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