A Shopping Stop for Exquisite Avanos Pottery

Avanos Pottery Factory

Avanos is Town Famous for its Turkish Crafts, Especially Pottery and Ceramics: Just north of the Göreme National Park is Avanos, a town and district that is noted for its Turkish craft skills. Carpet-weaving and tapestry-making are important local skills, but it is the Avanos pottery and ceramics that this town is most famous for. […]

Visiting a Silk Carpet Factory in Turkey

Carpet Factory in Turkey

Visiting a Silk Carpet Factory in Turkey: On any tour of Turkey, you can be sure of being taken to a carpet factory, usually in Istanbul, and we’ve done our share of carpet factory visits on our various trips to Turkey. When our tour left Istanbul without a carpet factory visit, I thought that we […]

Shopping for Bursa Silk at the Koza Han in Bursa

Bursa Koza Han

Koza Han was the Centre for the Silk Trade in Bursa: During the Byzantine period Bursa was famous as a silk trading centre and Bursa’s silk trade continued to flourish during the Ottoman empire when the Ottoman sultans controlled the trade routes between Europe and Asia. Although the era of the lucrative ancient silk route […]

The Egyptian Market – An Exotic Spice Market in Istanbul

The Egyptian Market or Spice Market , Misir Çarsisi, Istanbul

The Egyptian Market (Misir Çarsisi) or Spice Market is the Second Largest of Istanbul Markets: The Egyptian Market (Misir Çarsisi) is a spice market in Istanbul. After the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian Spice Market is the second largest of Istanbul’s covered market. Construction of the Misir Çarsisi began in 1597 by order of the mother […]

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar - Kapali Carsi

The Grand Bazaar is One of the Largest Covered Markets  (Kapali Carsi) in the World: The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is grand indeed. With 60 covered streets and up to 4,000 shops, it is no wonder that this sprawling covered market  (Kapali Carsi) holds the distinction of being the largest covered market in Istanbul. Interesting […]