See the Two Sides of Istanbul on a Bosphorus Cruise

Enjoying the Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul:

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Bosphorus Cruise - Istanbul

As a waterway, the Bosphorous has a couple of interesting and important roles. It links the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and it also divides the European side of Istanbul from the Anatolian section. On any visit to Istanbul, one of the pleasurable things to do is to go on a Bosphorous cruise.

Enjoying a Bosphorus Cruise

One of the first things we did in Istanbul was to go on a Bosphorus cruise. We’ve done this cruise on previous trips to Istanbul, but you never tire of cruising the Bosphorus, especially when the weather is brilliant.

On this cruise you get to see Istanbul’s famous landmarks, including beautiful mansions and palaces of the Ottoman sultans, luxurious waterside hotels and the waterfront homes of the wealthy. The cruise also takes you under the two Istanbul suspension bridges which connects the two sides of the city, as well as linking the two continents.

Where to Book your Bosphorus Cruise

Our Bosphorus cruise was organized for us but if you’re travelling to Istanbul on your own, you have the choice of pre-booking your Bosphorus cruise, or if you can handle dealing with the touts, there are small boats offering cruises from Eminonu. The Turkish Maritime Lines has ferry services that make round-trips up and down the Bosphorus. These public ferries stop at six piers along the way.

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