Karaalioglu Park – One of the Delightful Parks in Antalya

Parks in Antalya: Karaalioglu Park and the Hirdirlik Tower:

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Karaalioglu Park and Hidirlik Tower

One of the delightful city parks in Antalya, where you can enjoy some peaceful moments and fabulous views, is the Karaalioglu Park (Karaalioğlu Parkı in Turkish).  Located on the south-eastern end of the Yacht Harbour and on the southern fringe of Kaleici, Karaalioglu Park stretches along the coast of Antalya and offers great views of the Gulf of Antalya, Mount Tahtali and the Beydaglar Mountain range in the distance.

Hidirlik Tower

There are a couple of monuments in Karaalioglu Park, one of the more significant ones being the ancient Hidirlik Tower. This 14-metre high circular tower stands where the old city walls joins up with the sea walls.  Hidirlik Tower dates to the 2nd century BC and is believed to have been a lighthouse during Roman times.

Given the importance of the Old Roman Harbour for supplies, this seems like a plausible usage of the structure.  A gate at the eastern side of the tower leads into a small room from where a narrow staircase leads up to the top. But seeing that there is a fence around the monument, I would guess that visitors aren’t allowed in.

Another more modern monument stands not far from the Hidirlik Tower. Unfortunately there’s no English translation to explain what this structure is in commemoration of.

A Pleasant Play Area for Young Ones

If you are travelling with little ones, Karaalioglu Park is a great place for them to run free. There is an ice cream vendor, a nut vendor and a couple of nearby cafes where you can enjoy a drink. There are also markets close by so it’s possible to build in a little shopping after the park.

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