Getting Around Venice

Vaporetto in front of Ca D'Oro

Getting Around Venice: There are two main ways of getting around Venice: walking or using some kind of boat; you could swim, but I wouldn’t recommend it! Public Water Buses | Car Ferries | Water Taxis | Gondolas | Traghetto | Walking and also see our quick guide:How to Reach Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s […]

Piazzale Roma – A Hub for all Venice Transport

Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma – the Gateway for all Venice Transport: Piazzale Roma has none of the charms of the many Venetian piazzas and campos. This large Venetian square at the western end of the island is a major hub for all Venice transport and the thousands of people who use the square every day are either hopping […]

Luggage Storage in Venice

Luggage Storage in Venice

Deposito Bagagli – Where to Store Your Luggage for Your Short Stay in Venice: If you are arriving in Venice with a large suitcase, one of the biggest challenge is how to get your luggage across the many of bridges that criss-cross the city. So if you’re only stopping in Venice for a brief visit, […]

Venice Connected and Vaporetto Tickets


Buying Your Vaporetto Tickets On-line With Venice Connected You can now buy your transport ticket on-line through the Venice Connected website. Venice Connected vaporetto travel ticket prices used to be based on your planned date of travel and vary depending on whether it’s Low/Medium season, Medium/High season or Peak period and it was possible to […]

Venice People Mover

Venice Transport

People Mover Linking Piazzale Roma, Marittima Cruise Terminal and Tronchetto: For the many visitors and Venetian commuters who need to get from Venice to the Venice cruise terminal or the Tronchetto car park, the Venice People Mover has made transport a lot more convenient and comfortable. Launched in April 2010, the People Mover offers cheap, […]

Venice Water Taxis (Motoscafi)

Water Taxi, Venice, Italy

Motoscafi (water taxis) are Venice’s limousines The fastest, and most glamorous, way to get around Venice is by motoscafo (water taxi), especially the retro mahoghany-hulled ones. These boats are especially convenient when it rains, because you can sit inside their enclosed cabin. Venice Water Taxi Rates But they are expensive: there is a minimum set […]