Vaporetto Tickets and Fares

How to buy a ticket, how to use it and how much it costs!

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ACTV ticket validation machine

You need to buy a ticket before getting on board, and you buy tickets from the ticket seller or new multilingual ticket-vending machines at the boat stop. The machines take credit cards, euro banknotes or euro coins. They do give change, but the maximum you can get back is €9.95.

For stops (fermate) that only serve one line, there will be just one landing stage, so you only need to make sure the boat you board is heading in the right direction. More important stops that serve more than one line, like at the Santa Lucia Station, have more than one landing stage, so be careful you use the right one; there are now big letters overhead to help you, but if in doubt, check with the deckhand as you get on.

Don’t Forget To Swipe

You must validate your ticket by swiping it across the electronic ticket machine at the Vaporetto stop before you board the boat. If you forget or are horribly in a hurry, the deck-hand on board will do it for you. DO NOT fail to do this, as I mention below, the fines are really expensive.

Some stops don’t have a ticket seller, and in these cases you can pay immediately you get on board. A lot of people get on the boats without tickets, but they’re probably locals with a monthly pass. If you haven’t got one you have to buy a ticket for each ride or a round trip ticket. But daily and weekly "Tourist Passes" are also available.

Check out this video which shows you how:

The public boats function on an "honour" basis. In other words, there are no ticket collectors and they trust you to buy a ticket for each ride. However, there are occasional "spot checks" by inspectors, and if you don’t have a ticket (or haven’t validated) the fine is horrendous (it used to be €44.00!), and you still have to pay your fare.

Ticket prices for non-residents vary.

ACTV water bus fares
Adult single:
One journey on the Venice network, (except for those of routes Alilaguna, and Actv routes no. 19, 16, 21 and Casinò). Valid for 60 minutes. Includes one luggage item of up to 150 cm. Note: you can only travel in one direction, so you can’t make a quick journey there and back.


Special travel cards:
Available allowing unlimited use of all water bus lines (excluding the Alilaguna, Fusina, LineaBlu and Clodia services) and on the buses in Mestre and Lido. These cards entitle passengers to carry one item of luggage with them:

12 hour ticket valid for 12 hrs from the time of stamping


24 hour ticket valid for 24 hrs from the time of stamping.


36 hour ticket valid for 36 hrs from the time of stamping


48 hour ticket valid for 48 hrs from the time of stamping


72 hour ticket valid for 72 hrs from the time of stamping


7 days travel ticketvalid for 7 days from the time of stamping.>


3-day Young Persons Travel Card with a validity of 72 hours from the day and time of stamping. It is issued only upon presentation of the Rolling Venice Card issued by the Venice City Council, on sale at the Hellovenezia ticket desks for € 4.00.


Conference Card: it is valid from 1 to 8 days. The Card can be booked at the ACTV’s Venice office at Calle Fuseri.

Reserved for company bookings only. Min. numbers from 80/100

For other fares, refer to this page on

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