Venice: the “Blue Danube” Live from Piazza San Marco

Venice Cafe Florian

The Café Florian Quintet plays Strauss’s famous Waltz in St Mark’s Square, Venice After a vigorous rendition of Ravel’s “Bolero”, the small, five-piece orchestra on the stage outside the famous Café”Florian” in Piazza San Marco strike up the opening bars of Strauss’s “Blue Danube” waltz, much to the delight of the still sizeable audience sitting […]

Bars and Nightlife in Venice

Florian Venice

Bars and Nightlife in Venice It’s certainly not Paris or Las Vegas, but Venice has it’s own unique scene going from the Casino to the more attractive aspect of the many bars and restaurants where, mirabile dictu, you can actually hold a conversation without shouting (although there are the other kind, too)! Casino: Casinò Municipale […]