Ponte dei Pugni – A Venice Bridge Known for its Fistfights

Ponte dei Pugni, Venice Bridge

Ponte dei Pugni – Where The Ancient Tradition of Fistfights Took Place: There are hundreds of bridges criss-crossing the back canals of Venice, but one that is quite well-known is the Ponte dei Pugni. Located near Campo St Barnaba in Dorsoduro, Ponte dei Pugni is a famous Venice bridge that tells of an ancient tradition […]

Sightseeing and Excursions in Venice

Burano Venice

Venice Sightseeing, Venice Tours and Venice Attractions: Below are links to a wide variety of tours (more than thirty) covering many aspects of Venice and the Lagoon, and also some to outlying areas (several of these are to wine regions). The tours range from one hour to a very full day, and use all means […]

Churches in Cannaregio

Church of Santa Maria of Nazareth

What to See in Venice: Some Noteworthy Churches in Cannaregio: Cannaregio was once the cradle of painters, sculptors, composers and other artistic types. Many churches in Cannaregio have benefited from artists such as Tintoretto and Titian having homes in this district. Here are some of the main churches to see in Cannaregio: Church of Santa […]

Places to See in Cannaregio

Casa D'Oro, Grand Canal

What to See in Venice: Cannaregio Palaces and Other Buildings Cannaregio, the northern-most sestieri of Venice was once the cradle of artists, explorers and composers. Marco Polo, Tintoretto and Titian all had their homes in Cannaregio as did Wagner. There are many churches in Cannaregio, many of which have been blessed by the works of […]