Churches in Dorsoduro

I Gesuati - Dorsoduro Church

Places to See in Dorsoduro: Churches in Dorsoduro: To enjoy art in Venice you don’t have to go to an art gallery. Many of the city’s churches are rich with artwork by famous Italian painters and sculptors, and this is certainly the case in Dorsoduro. Wander into any church in this Venetian sestiere and you’re […]

Churches in Castello

Santa Maria della Visitazione

What to See in Venice: The Churches in Castello Sestiere: Like many of the churches in Venice, a vast number of the churches in Castello were bound by legends or built by famous architects and are repositories of artwork by master painters.  But more than tradition, architecture and art, some of the Castello churches also […]

Churches in Santa Croce

Church of San Stae, Santa Croce

What to See in Venice: Churches in Santa Croce: Santa Croce has its share of churches, many of which are ancient and not as richly decorated as the churches in the other sestieri. They are nevertheless important because of their early architecture and they are home to many church artwork and interesting legends. Church of […]