Discover the Ukraine on a Dnieper River Cruise

Ukraine River Cruise

CRUISE THE DNIEPER RIVER FROM KIEV TO ODESSA OR ODESSA TO KIEV:The Dnieper River, the third largest river in Europe, flows 1,370 miles from the heart of the Ukraine to the Black Sea. When we did this cruise in 2009, Viking River Cruises was the only English language cruise company covering the … [Read more...]

Enjoy Paris and Normandy on a Seine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise

SAIL FROM PARIS TO NORMANDY ON A SEINE RIVER CRUISE:If you want to experience the northern France's Normandy region in a relaxed, leisurely fashion, try a Seine River cruise. You'll discover the history, culture, food and beauty of this region, famous as the birthplace of … [Read more...]

The Best of Burgundy and Provence on a Saône-Rhône River Cruise

Saone and Rhone River Cruise

SAIL FROM CHALON-SUR-SAONE TO AVIGNON ON A SAONE AND RHONE RIVER CRUISE:This cruise takes you past some of the most beautiful vineyards and landscapes in the French countryside. Travelling along the Saône and Rhône Rivers you pass through the famous wine region of Burgundy, the lavender-scented … [Read more...]

French River Cruises

French River Cruises

CRUISE THE LENGTH OF FRANCE ON THE SAONE-RHONE RIVERS AND THE RIVER SEINE:A river cruise in France is a cruise on the Saône and Rhône Rivers or the River Seine, or a combination of all three.Sail on a leisurely-paced cruise along the Saône and Rhône rivers through the heart of Burgundy and … [Read more...]

Travel the Gateway to Eastern Europe on an Elbe River Cruise

Elbe River Cruise

CRUISE FROM BERLIN TO PRAGUE ON AN ELBE RIVER CRUISE:Considered the gateway to Eastern Europe, a cruise along the Elbe River offers views of hilltop castles and medieval towns, contrasted with cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin and Prague and the restored baroque glories of Dresden.Elbe … [Read more...]

A Danube River Cruise on the Queen of European Rivers

Danube River Cruise

YOU CAN CRUISE THROUGH EIGHT COUNTRIES ON A DANUBE RIVER CRUISE:"The Queen of Europe's rivers, the Danube is rich in history and enveloped in an aura of legend and myth".Rising in the mountains of Germany's Black Forest, the Danube (Donau in German) winds its way through romantic gorges … [Read more...]

See Stunning Landscapes and Towns on a Rhine-Moselle River Cruise

Legendary Rhine-Moselle River Cruise

TRAVEL THROUGH FIVE COUNTRIES ON A RHINE-MOSELLE RIVER CRUISE:A Rhine river cruise is probably the most popular of all European river cruises. Combining it with a Moselle (Mosel in German) river cruise is especially spectacular as you can travel through five countries - The Netherlands, … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Romance of the Rhine on a Rhine River Cruise

Rhine River Cruise

YOU CAN SAIL FROM AMSTERDAM TO BASEL ON A RHINE RIVER CRUISE:Rhine river cruises are probably the most popular of all European river cruises, although many "Rhine Cruises" are in fact day-trips down one particularly attractive section of the Rhine between Boppard and St Goar. The Rhine itself is … [Read more...]

Musée National du Moyen-Age: Thermes et Hôtel de Cluny


Unusual Paris Museums and Galleries: Museum of the Middle Ages:Small but eminently important, the Musée National du Moyen-Age (National Museum of the Middle Ages), has a range of medieval sculptures and artifacts dedicated to the everyday life, the art and history of France during … [Read more...]