Helsinki – Finland’s Capital City

Helsinki, A Fascinating Mixture of Historical and Ultra-Modern: Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has the distinction of being the second northern-most capital city in the world. Although its main attractions and monuments are a stark reminder of its past history, Helsinki today is a very … [Read more...]

Trafalgar Square – London

Trafalgar Square - A Place for Rallies, Demonstrations and Tourists: Trafalgar Square is the centre of London in more ways than one. At its south end lies what used to be the Charing Cross memorial, the point from which all distances to London are measured. The original cross, erected by Edward … [Read more...]

West End – The Entertainment Centre of England

For Variety, London's West End is the Place to Be: The West End has a high concentration of London's tourist landmarks and attractions and for the London traveller looking for variety, the West End is the place to be. Piccadilly Circus is next door, where antique book shops mix with the … [Read more...]

Sintra – A Favourite Summer Retreat for the Royals

Sintra - A Favourite Summer Retreat for the Kings and Queens of Portugal: Only half an hour outside Lisbon lies one of the most fascinating sights of this already spectacular area of Portugal: Sintra. Set atop craggy ridges lies the palace that looks down on the town below. Centuries ago the … [Read more...]

Reims – A City of Coronations and Champagne

Reims - a City of Art and History Champagne alone is enough to attract visitors to Reims. This city is home to distinguished champagne brand names like Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, Pommery, Mumm, Lanson, Martel, Ruinart, Canard-Duchêne and Piper-Heidsieck. The Champagne City With such a … [Read more...]

The Ring of Kerry – Ireland’s Most Scenic Route

Doing the Ring of Kerry Tour: The Ring of Kerry, in County Kerry, is one of Ireland's most scenic drives. This 180 km well-established tourist trail around the Iveragh Peninsula takes visitors through dramatic coastal and mountain scenery, quaint little towns and past slate-roofed fishing … [Read more...]

Interesting and Fun Facts About Berlin

Some Interesting and Fun Facts about Berlin: Mention 'Berlin' and the Fall of the Berlin Wall comes to mind for many people. But apart from the Berlin Wall, there are many other interesting and fun facts about this dynamic city that most people probably aren't aware of.  Here's just a few of … [Read more...]

York – Capital of the North

York - A City of Roman Emperors, Vikings and Kings: The walled city of York was called Eboracum when the Romans founded the city in 71AD, then renamed Eoforwic when the Angles took over at the end of Roman rule in 415AD and Jórvík when the Vikings captured the city in 866AD.  When the Normans … [Read more...]

Fairy Tales Can Come True on the German Fairy Tale Road

600 km Magical Journey from Hanau to Bremen on the German Fairy Tale Road: Once upon a time, we were told many children's fairy tales, some kids more than others! I must admit that as a child growing up in Asia, I had no idea where these fairy tales came from. It sufficed that they were … [Read more...]

Sarlat-la-Canéda – Capital of Périgord Noir

Classified "Ville d'art et d'Histoire", Sarlat is An Artistic and Historic Town: Sarlat-la-Caneda is a town that surprises many people when they visit.  Apart from being the capital of the Périgord Noir, it has the highest concentration of Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century facades of any … [Read more...]