Cologne’s Brauhaus, Kölsch Beer and Quirky Hospitality

Enjoy Kölsch Beer and Quirky Hospitality at Cologne's Brauhaus : For the people of Cologne, eating and drinking out is a very social occasion, therefore the venues tend to be loud and jovial rather than hushed and dignified. Cologne‘s famous brauhaus are like microcosms of the city‘s … [Read more...]

Bettys – York’s Most Famous Café Tea Room

At Bettys, Teas and Meals Are Served in the Traditional English Style: If you're looking to enjoy some Yorkshire tea whilst in York, one of the most famous York tea rooms is Bettys Café Tea Rooms. Bettys is a family business that has been in existence for over 90 years and they serve teas and … [Read more...]

Gourmet Burgers at Blas Burgerworks in St. Ives

Blas is an Eco-Friendly Restaurant Which Specializes in Gourmet Burgers: Blas Burgerworks is a small and very popular organic fast food restaurant in St. Ives that specializes in burgers. From the queue of people lining up to dine there, it appears that they must be good so we joined in the queue … [Read more...]

Admiral Benbow Inn – A Unique Pub in Penzance

Admiral Benbow Has an Amazing Collection of Artifacts from Shipwrecks: At the recommendation of our guest house owner, we came in search of the Admiral Benbow Inn in Penzance. Mike knew that we were on the look-out for interesting places and experiences and he described the Admiral Benbow as a … [Read more...]

Jellied Eels – Once a Popular Traditional Food

Jellied Eels - A Cockney Specialty from the East End:   A recent lunch stop at the Fish House in the town of Ludlow exposed me to jellied eels, a traditional English food that was once very popular. Ray, a fellow traveller, was very excited to see jellied eels being offered at the Fish … [Read more...]

The Fish House – A Seafood Find in Ludlow

The Fish House - A New Fish Shop in Ludlow : Ludlow is a medieval market town in Shropshire, close to the Welsh border.  This is our lunchtime stop and one of our first impressions is that for its small size, Ludlow has a lot of eating places. Of course Ludlow is no ordinary market town.  It is … [Read more...]

Lübeck’s Famous Niederegger Marzipan

Taste The Perfect Niederegger Marzipan in Lübeck: Lübeck is famous for its marzipan and from the number of visitors and shoppers in the Niederegger Patisserie in Breite Strasse, it is evident that marzipan is much sought after by visitors to this historical town. Marzipan has been popular in … [Read more...]

Fine Dining at the Seafood Cafe – St. Ives

Seafood Presented with Style at the Seafood Cafe - St. Ives: It's always good when a local provides you with recommendations on places to eat, especially in St. Ives, Cornwall where there is a huge number of restaurants and cafes offering all different cuisine types. Mike, our guest house host is … [Read more...]

No. 7 – A Seafood Bistro in Torquay

No. 7 - A Seafood Bistro on Park Hill Road, Torquay On our way from Torquay Railway Station to the Imperial Hotel, we ask our friendly taxi driver if she could recommend a fish restaurant.  Without hesitation, she points us to No. 7, a seafood bistro on Park Hill Road.  It's on the road to our … [Read more...]