The Asparagus – A Royal Spring Vegetable and Delicacy

With the Onset of Spring Comes the Asparagus Season: At Verger Saint Paul, the greengrocer at 97/99 rue Saint Antoine in the Marais district, we saw stacks of asparagus, both green and white.  Asparagus is a spring vegetable, yet we're into June and there are plentiful supplies of asparagus in … [Read more...]

Lunch at La Zagara – One of the Many Positano Restaurants

La Zagara - A Restaurant With a Delicious-Looking Cakes but the Food and Service Disappointed: There are heaps of restaurants in Positano and our guide, whom we suspect is a bit of a dessert addict, suggested that La Zagara is a good place to take a break as it has the best cakes in town. After … [Read more...]

Linguine alle Vongole – My Favourite Seafood Pasta

Linguine Vongole or Linguine with Clams is a Classic Seafood Pasta in Italy: Linguine alle vongole is one of my favourite pasta dishes and whenever in Italy, linguine vongole is one of the dishes that I try never to miss out on. The recipe is easy enough to prepare but the truth is that I … [Read more...]

Trattoria al Ponte del Megio – A Small Trattoria in Santa Croce

Trattoria al Ponte del Megio - A Small Canal-Side Trattoria in Santa Croce: Trattoria al Ponte del Megio is a smallish canal-side trattoria in Santa Croce. It is located on Calle Larga, right by the bridge of the same name. Restaurants near Ponte del Megio We had planned to dine at La … [Read more...]