Wine-tasting at Santorini Wineries

Wine-tasting in Santorini - Santorini Wine Tours: Santorini is famous for its sunset and its unique caldera, but the island now has a wine-growing industry that should not be overlooked. When dining out in Santorini, we noticed that all the wines offered are Greek wines and many of these are … [Read more...]

Santorini’s Cherry Tomatoes

Santorini's Cherry Tomatoes are Noted for Their Sweetness: In addition to its fava beans, the Santorini cherry tomato is another of the island's local produce that has been submitted to the EU for PDO certification. The Santorini cherry tomatoes take a special place on the island's food … [Read more...]

Santorini’s Special Fava Beans

Santorini's Fava Beans are Special and Enjoy the EU PDO Status: Fava beans is a dish that is offered as an appetizer in many Greek restaurants and is part of the traditional Greek cuisine. But in Santorini the fava beans are special. The European Union have acknowledged that the Santorini … [Read more...]

Madrid’s Fabulous Mercado de San Miguel

The Mercado de San Miguel is a Great Place to Enjoy Tapas in Madrid: On our first evening in Madrid we visited the the Mercado de San Miguel and here I felt that I was in seventh heaven. After two weeks of hotel buffet dinners in Turkey, the Mercado de San Miguel is a welcome change in cuisine. … [Read more...]

The Pudding Shop – Once a Starting Point of the Hippie Trail

The Pudding Shop - This Istanbul Restaurant Was Once the Start of the Hippie Trail: Just opposite from the Blue Mosque is the famous Pudding Shop, a nickname for the Lale Restaurant. Started in 1957 by the Colpan brothers, Idris and Namik, the Pudding Shop became famous in the 1970s as the … [Read more...]

Reblochon – The Cheese Name With Quite a Story

Reblochon Cheese is From the Haute-Savoie Region and is AOC Accredited: We first came across Reblochon cheese when we were travelling in Annecy. This soft washed-rind and smear-ripened French cheese is a specialty of the Haute-Savoie region and so as cheese lovers we had some of this delicious … [Read more...]

Plymouth Gin – Once a Preferred Drink of the Royal Navy

For Nearly Two Centuries, No Navy Ship Left Port Without Plymouth Gin: Black Friars Distillery is one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth and one of the city's heritage buildings. Its Refectory Room - a medieval hall with a hull-shaped timber roof was built in 1431.  Since 1793, Black Friars … [Read more...]

Steckerlfisch – A Bavarian Fish Specialty

Steckerlfisch is a Bavarian Fish Specialty and also a Popular Oktoberfest Food: A graphic food image that you'll see at the Munich Oktoberfest is at the Fischer-Vroni Steckerlfisch stand. Here you'll see neatly lined rows of whole fish on skewers being cooked over the very long charcoal grill. … [Read more...]