Feria de Abril 2012 – Seville’s Famous Spring Fair

Feria de Abril 2012 - A Seville Festival that's Highlight of its Social Calendar: Two weeks after Easter, life in Seville swings across the river to the fairground for the Feria de Abril, Seville's annual Spring Festival. After the week-long sombre observation of Semana Santa (Holy Week), Feria … [Read more...]

Diamonds – A Diamond Jubilee Celebration

The Queen’s Diamonds on Display in the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace: As one of the many exhibitions organized for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, visitors to Buckingham Palace will be able to see a number of personal jewels inherited by the Queen or acquired during her reign.  … [Read more...]

Queen Elizabeth II – Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012: On 6 February 2012, Queen Elizabeth II will have been on the throne for 60 years. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a historical occasion as Queen Elizabeth II is only the second British monarch to achieve 60 years on the throne.  Currently … [Read more...]

Wine Walking Weekend Throughout Germany – April 2012

Germany's Wine Walking Weekend Allows Visitors to Combine Walking and Wine-tasting: Spring is a beautiful time for walking and discovering Germany's romantic wine villages and wineries.  And, for those who would like to combine a weekend of walking and wine-tasting in Germany, the Wine Walking … [Read more...]

Semana Santa in Seville: Holy Week 2012

For Holy Week Celebrations, Semana Santa in Seville is the Most Famous in Spain: Semana Santa in Seville is one of the most important religious events on the Sevillian calendar and Seville's Holy Week celebrations are also one of the most well-known in Spain. As such, Seville's Semana Santa … [Read more...]

Passau Music Festival 2012

Festspiele Europäische Wochen Passau - the annual Passau Music Festival: On Friday, June 29th, the 60th Festspiele Europäische Wochen Passau (Passau European Weeks Festival ) opens under the theme "On the Beautiful Blue Danube".  This year's opening performance at the Bräuhausplatz Hacklberg … [Read more...]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Birthday Anniversary 2012

Born on January 27, 1756 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is Still Remembered 256 Years Later: As one genius, Albert Einstein, said of another: "Mozart is the greatest composer of all" and January 27th marks the 256th anniversary of the birthday of this much-loved and greatest of composers. Things to … [Read more...]

Bond Cars from 50 Years of James Bond Movies

Bond in Motion is an Exhibition of 50 James Bond Cars from the James Bond Movies: For fans of James Bond movies, the sleek and lethal James Bond cars with Gatling guns and missile launchers are very much a part of the thrill of 007 movies. And here's some exciting news for those who love those … [Read more...]