Seven Dials – Covent Garden's Hidden Shopping Village

Seven Dials is the Pillar with Six Sundials and Also Refers to the Surrounding Neighbourhood: In the upper corner of Covent Garden is a junction where seven streets converge.  Seven Dials, a pillar with six sundials, marks the crossroads with the central spike supposedly representing the seventh … [Read more...]

Shopping in Oxford – Where to Find Your Oxford Shops

Oxford Shops - Oxford Shopping Streets and Shopping Centres: Shopaholics need not feel concerned about suffering withdrawal system when they visit Oxford. Most well-known high street shops and department stores are represented here. The main Oxford shopping streets include Queen Street, … [Read more...]

Visiting the Home of Wedgwood at Stoke-on-Trent

Josiah Wedgwood - the Man who Started Wedgwood: Our travels through Staffordshire brought us to the Wedgwood Visitor Centre to learn a little about this famous brand ... and perhaps for some retail therapy. The Wedgwood Visitor Centre is located at the home of Wedgwood whose factory is set in 250 … [Read more...]

A Visit to London's Famous Portobello Market

Portobello Market - A London Market That's Extremely Popular  with Tourists: It may be crowded and a little chaotic on weekends, but London's Portobello Market is a fun place to visit, especially for visitors who love wondering through street markets. Portobello Market is of course one of the … [Read more...]

Christmas Markets in Cologne, the Cathedral City – 2012

Cologne - a Popular Destination at Christmas Time: With no fewer than seven Christmas markets, the cathedral city of Cologne is a popular destination at Christmas time. Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral (26 Nov 2012 - 23 Dec 2012) Cologne's main Christmas market, the Weihnachtsmarkt … [Read more...]

4711 – Cologne’s Original Eau de Cologne

A Visit to 4711 Eau de Cologne, the city's oldest internationally famous brands: Eau de Cologne was first invented in the city of Cologne in 1709 when Johann Maria Farina named his elixir Eau de Cologne (Water of Cologne) in honour of his new home. He had moved to Cologne from Santa Maria … [Read more...]

Harrods – The World’s Favourite Department Store

Harrods - The store that promises 'Everything to Everybody Everywhere': A household name in the U.K. and all over the world the Harrods brand is much sought after by many first-time visitors to London. Whether it be a Harrods Winnie-the-Pooh bear, a Harrods mug or a Harrods shopping bag, many … [Read more...]

Madrid Shopping

Madrid Shops, Shopping Malls and Shopping Precincts: While perhaps not as famous for its shopping as Paris, Milan, London or New York, Madrid nevertheless has heaps of excellent places to shop - 60,000 shops open their doors every day in Madrid! Whether you're looking for a valuable antique … [Read more...]