Amsterdam, a Diamond City

In Amsterdam, Diamonds can be a Girl's Best Friend: If Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, then we should really get to know a little more about our best friend's qualities - the 4C's.  What's our best friend's colour, is our best friend cut like a princess, oval or pear-shape, and how heavy is … [Read more...]

Shopping on your Amsterdam Vacation

Your Amsterdam Shop - What to Buy: Shoppers for gifts and souvenirs in Amsterdam will be happy to know that there hundreds of tourist shops where you can buy anything from chocolates to tulip bulbs or Delft porcelain.  However, don't be in a hurry to buy as the tourist shop may not be the best … [Read more...]

London Shopping – London's Department Stores

You can Shop till you Drop at London's Department Stores London's department stores are household names in the U.K. as well as being famous the world over. Each of the large London shops has its particular branding and appeal and regular shoppers know to make a bee-line to certain stores for … [Read more...]

Shopping On Your Tromsø Travel

Where to Shop in Tromsø Town Centre: Storgata is Tromsø’s main pedestrian street and its downtown shopping precinct. Along this street are many shops selling local and international products. You'll find boutiques and fashion shops, gifts and souvenir stores, bookshops,chemists and most other … [Read more...]

Paris Sale – Paris is the Shopping Capital of the World

During the January Paris Sale, the City Transforms into a Bargain Basement for Fashion: Any city which starts the new year with a huge sale must be a serious shopping city. And yes, Paris is a serious shopping city! The year begins with the launch of its winter sales, which lasts for five … [Read more...]

Gift Shopping on your Innsbruck Holiday

Gifts and souvenirs that taste really good - Innsbruck Old Town: Innsbruck is a great place to shop for gifts and souvenirs for friends and family who appreciate the tastier side of life. If you're looking to share some of your Innsbruck food experience with folks back home, head for the Old Town … [Read more...]

The Glitz and Glamour of Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal Gallery - the World's Largest: Stroll through the streets of Innsbruck’s historic centre and one shop you won't miss is the Swarovski Crystal Gallery. Its bright red, stylishly restored 15th century building is right at the southern entrance to the Old Town (Alstadt) where … [Read more...]

Arraiolos Hand-Embroidered Wool Carpets

Arraiolos - Famous for its Wool Carpets: Arraiolos is famous for its wool carpets and tapestries which have been woven here since the 16th century.  Arraiolos carpets (Tapetes de Arraiolos) have decorated palaces and manor houses in Portugal for centuries and it is believed that the craft may … [Read more...]

Shopping on your Ukraine Holiday

What to Buy on your Ukraine Holiday: The Ukraine is a country that is shaking off its Soviet past and in a hurry to become a Westernised country.   Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, now has many attributes of a Western city with large shopping malls, recreation centres and shops and boutiques that … [Read more...]

Camden Market | Camden Lock

Camden is six markets rolled into one: Camden is famous the world over for its market and when you visit Camden, you're in fact visiting six different markets. The collection of the six markets make Camden the largest street market in the U.K. The sprawling market attracts both Londoners as well … [Read more...]