Musée de la Publicité (Museum of Advertising)

Unusual Paris Museums and Galleries If you're into old advertising posters, this place has them in spades! Those of us of a certain age remember that "Aristide Bruant dans son cabaret " poster and others by Toulouse-Lautrec well, having seen them gracing many a student flat … [Read more...]

Villa d’Este: Live from the Water Organ in the Gardens at Tivoli

The legendary Renaissance gardens of the Villa d'Este, arguably the most important in Italy The famous fountains and gardens of Italy's Villa d'Este made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Water Organ Fountain above the magnificent Fountain of Neptune entranced Villa D'Este's residents and … [Read more...]

Villa d’Este: live from the Gardens in Tivoli

The famous Fountains and Gardens of Italy's Villa d'Este made it a World Heritage Site The legendary Renaissance gardens of the Villa d'Este are arguably the most important in Italy, and inspired many other gardens all over Europe. The great fountains are particularly striking, and Helen sets the … [Read more...]

Capri: Live from the Monte Solaro Chair-lift!

The ride up from Anacapri is open to the elements but it's a real thrill with great views! The chair-lift up to Monte Solaro from Anacapri is an exciting and exhilarating ride - provided the weather is good! There are great views on the way up (and down) and tremendous panoramas of the Faraglioni … [Read more...]

A Bird’s-eye View of Orvieto from the Torre del Moro

Enjoy 360 Degree View of Orvieto and its Surrounds from the Top of Torre del Moro: Like many medieval hill towns in Italy, Orvieto has its share of medieval towers. For a bird's eye view of Orvieto, go up to the top of the Torre del Moro on Corso Cavour. This 47-metre high tower from the late … [Read more...]

Venice: the “Blue Danube” Live from Piazza San Marco

The Café Florian Quintet plays Strauss's famous Waltz in St Mark's Square, Venice After a vigorous rendition of Ravel's "Bolero", the small, five-piece orchestra on the stage outside the famous Café"Florian" in Piazza San Marco strike up the opening bars of Strauss's "Blue Danube" … [Read more...]

Becoming a Groupie on a Swiss Alps Hike

Travel writer Carol Antman surmounts misgivings and mountains in Switzerland When I was invited to tag along as a journalist with Alpine Adventure Trails Tour on a two-week hike in the Swiss Alps, I was eager for my husband Mark to book the trip and come. Somehow he did not share my … [Read more...]

Venice in Acqua Alta: Live From Piazza San Marco

High Water at High Noon: Keep Your Balance in St. Mark's Square - or Go for a Paddle! "Acqua Alta" is Italian for "High Water", and when a big tide comes into Venice's lagoon, that's exactly what you get in Piazza San Marco and many pedestrian streets. Fortunately, it usually only happens from … [Read more...]