The Siena Duomo is Unique and Stunningly Beautiful

Siena Duomo or Siena Cathedral is an Art Lover's Paradise on Earth: Italy has so many beautiful and historic churches and duomos that sometimes visitors do get cathedraled out on their Italian holidays. But no matter how weary you are in Siena, do not miss out on the Siena Duomo because Siena's … [Read more...]

The Unique Porticos of Bologna

The Bologna Portico - A World Heritage Site: It was raining when we arrived in Bologna and to say that I was disappointed was an understatement. I was so looking forward to seeing this historical city in all its summer glory, but instead what we have was grey skies and wet grounds. Not that I … [Read more...]

Bologna Anatomical Theatre at the Archiginnasio

Archiginnasio of Bologna - Anatomical Theatre of Bologna: Unless you're a medical type, an anatomical theatre is not quite the kind of place that you would normally plan to visit during the holidays. However, a visit to the Bologna Anatomical Theatre is one that should not be be missed. This … [Read more...]

A Visit to Rungis Market – by Ken Osei

For Any Serious "Foodie" a Trip to Rungis is Worthwhile: An article that I had read on this website about the Marché Rungis inspired me to include a Rungis market visit as part of our Paris trip itinerary in early January 2013.  Rungis offers group guided tours of the market on the second … [Read more...]

San Gimignano’s Towers of Wealth and Power

The San Gimignano Towers are Famous All Over the World: San Gimignano is famous for the medieval towers that dominate its skyline. Known as the Town of Fine Towers, there were once an amazing 72 lofty houses towering above this small Tuscan hill-town. These days only 13 of the San Gimignano … [Read more...]

Romeo and Juliet – The lovers die but their romance lives on!

Casa di Giulietta - Romeo and Juliet - An Immortal Love Story: Centuries after Shakespeare wrote his famous tragic romance Romeo and Juliet, more than half a million people still pack into the courtyard of Casa di Giulietta each year to see the famous Juliet balcony.  It was from this balcony … [Read more...]

Campo de’ Fiori – Colourful, Lively and Typically Roman

Even During Medieval Times, Campo de' Fiori Was a Colourful and Lively Area: Situated just south of Piazza Navona is Campo de' Fiori, a typically Roman piazza and one of our favourite haunts in Rome. Campo de' Fiori has many of the attractions that visitors come to Rome to enjoy, ancient sites, … [Read more...]

Ponte dei Pugni – A Venice Bridge Known for its Fistfights

Ponte dei Pugni - Where The Ancient Tradition of Fistfights Took Place: There are hundreds of bridges criss-crossing the back canals of Venice, but one that is quite well-known is the Ponte dei Pugni. Located near Campo St Barnaba in Dorsoduro, Ponte dei Pugni is a famous Venice bridge that … [Read more...]

A Visit to Oltrarno, Beyond the Arno

Oltrarno is Located on the South Side of the River Arno: The historic centre of Florence has plenty to keep visitors occupied. Just in the main squares such as Piazza del Duomo, the Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza di Santa Croce there are art galleries, palaces, … [Read more...]