Musée des Egouts de Paris (Paris Sewers Museum)

Musee des Egouts, Paris

Unusual Paris Museums and Galleries: Musée des Egouts - the Paris Sewers Museum: For anyone looking for an off-the-beaten track experience in Paris, you couldn't get more off-beat than a visit underground to the Musée des Egouts (Paris Sewer Museum). Yes, there really is a Museum of the Sewers … [Read more...]

Archives Nationales Paris – Housing the History of France


Archives Nationales - A National Archives Created During the French Revolution: One of the most important sites in Paris, and perhaps one that is relatively unknown to visitors, is the Archives Nationales in the Marais District. Created during the French Revolution under the orders of Napoleon, … [Read more...]

Les Catacombes de Paris – “An Empire of Death”


Unusual Paris Museums and Galleries: Catacombes In spite of the somewhat forbidding sign over a stone portal to the ossuary which warns: “Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la mort” (“Stop! This is the empire of death”), the Catacombes is one of the very popular attractions in Paris. Each year … [Read more...]

Hotel Doctor Weinstube – A Bernkastel Hotel and Attraction


Hotel Doctor Weinstube - A Historical Hotel with an Unusual Name : For any Bernkastel visitor who is not familiar with the legend of the "Bernkasteler Doctor", the Hotel Doctor Weinstube might seem like an odd kind of name for a hotel. The words 'Doctor Weinstube' are puzzling, but if you're … [Read more...]

Wine-tasting at the Aristocratic House of Löwenstein


Fürst Löwenstein Wine-tasting at Schloss Kleinheubach : PARIS & THE HEART OF EUROPE - UNIWORLD RIVER CRUISE - DAY 11: Our brief walking tour of Miltenberg this morning was not too enjoyable. After a brilliant day of sunshine in Würzburg yesterday, our luck ran out in Miltenberg and it rained … [Read more...]

Marksburg – A Hilltop Medieval Castle Along the Rhine


Marksburg Castle - the Only Hilltop Rhine Castle that's Never Been Destroyed: Paris & The Heart of Europe - Uniworld River Cruise - Day 13: The castles along the Rhine are a very special sight and they usually bring on the greatest excitement whenever river boats arrive at this very scenic … [Read more...]