Find a Phone Number or Phone Code in Ukraine

Ukraine Phone Codes, Ukraine Phone Numbers, Ukraine Phone Books The country telephone code for Ukraine is 380. Ukraine area phone codes have two digits, and the subscriber phone numbers seven digits. For mobile (cell) phone numbers in Ukraine, you have to use a network code instead of an area phone … [Read more...]

Find a Norway Phone Number or Phone Code

Norway Phone Numbers, Norway Phone Code, Norway Phone Books Calling a Norwegian phone number - or mobile (cell) phone number - is no problem, even though Norway may be a rugged country that stretches far into the Arctic Circle! Norway phone numbers, residential and business information can all be … [Read more...]

Find a Bulgaria Phone Code or Phone Number

Bulgaria Phone Codes, Phone Numbers and Telephone Directories Finding a phone or mobile phone number in Bulgaria is NOT easy. A residential telephone directory does not seem to exist, or I couldn't find one. Business phone books fare a little better, but not much really. You can call a Bulgaria … [Read more...]

Find a Portugal Phone Number or Telephone Code

Portugal Phone Number, Portugal Telephone Code, Portugal Telephone Directory Finding a phone number for a house or business, or a mobile (cell) phone number in Portugal is quite straightforward. As far as a Portugal telephone directory is concerned, Portugal Telecom (PT) has an effective monopoly. … [Read more...]

Find an Austria Phone Number or Phone Code

Austria Phone Number, Austria Phone Code, Austria Phone Book Finding a phone number or telephone code in Austria is relatively easy because of the Herold website - "Austria's Phone Book" (see below). Austria's country phone code is 43. There are no standard lengths for either area codes … [Read more...]

Find a Swiss Phone Number

Swiss Phone Number, Swiss Phone Book, Phone Code for Switzerland As you might expect, finding a Swiss phone number is easily done on line, in a choice of languages and for free! Swisscom offer over 6 million listings of private people and businesses in their Switzerland telephone directory. Whether … [Read more...]

Find a Phone Number or Phone Code in Spain

Spain Phone Numbers, Spain Phone Code And Spain Phone Books Finding a residential (house) or business phone or mobile (cell) phone number in Spain is relatively easy, the online Spanish phone books are quite efficient and mostly offer English versions. Telefonica is the former monopoly, but there … [Read more...]

Find an Ireland Phone Number or Code

Phone Numbers, Phone Codes and Telephone Directories in Ireland To find a phone number in Ireland, first decide whether the number is in Eire (the Irish Republic) or Northern Ireland, as the phone books and dialling codes are different. The Ireland (Eire) telephone country code is 353, but Northern … [Read more...]

Find a Finland Phone Number or Code

Finland Phone Numbers, Phone Codes and Phone Books Finding a phone number in Finland is not difficult, as you might expect from the land of Nokia cell phones! The Finland telephone country code is 358, and you miss the 0 off the phone area code when dialling in from abroad. There are several online … [Read more...]