Destination: Amsterdam

Amsterdam Attractions and Things to Do:Many people think of Amsterdam as the capital of the Netherlands, but the actual seat of the government is at Den Haag. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and as far as tourism is concerned it is also the most visited, with … [Read more...]

Hop-on and Hop-off Amsterdam’s Canals

Sightseeing on Amsterdam's waterways is the best way to explore the city:Amsterdam's extensive canal network makes it possible to get around the city by canal and there are many operators offering canal tours.However, Amsterdam's canals and waterways offer more than a means of … [Read more...]

Amsterdam’s Canals – "Venice of the North"

Amsterdam Canals are a great way to get around on any Amsterdam Vacation:Amsterdam is a city of canals and its network of canals has earned it the title of "Venice of the North". On any Amsterdam vacation, one of the must-do things is to go on a canal boat tour. If you're on a Amsterdam to … [Read more...]