Campo de’ Fiori – Colourful, Lively and Typically Roman

Even During Medieval Times, Campo de' Fiori Was a Colourful and Lively Area:Situated just south of Piazza Navona is Campo de' Fiori, a typically Roman piazza and one of our favourite haunts in Rome. Campo de' Fiori has many of the attractions that visitors come to Rome to enjoy, ancient sites, … [Read more...]

Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara – Eating out in Rome

Dining out on Filetti di Baccalà near Campo dei Fiori:This eatery next to Campo dei Fiori seems to get more popular each time we visit, with long queues of locals and visitors trying to get a table each night.As there are a lot of people wanting to dine here tonight, the guy organizing the … [Read more...]