Dürnstein and The Legend of Blondel

The Wedgewood blue tower of Durnstein-Stiftskirche

DURNSTEIN CASTLE WAS WHERE BLONDEL FOUND THE IMPRISONED RICHARD THE LIONHEART: Amsterdam to Budapest River Cruise - Avalon Waterways - Day 11By late morning, we were back on the ship in Melk and sailing for Dürnstein, frequently referred to as the "Pearl of the Wachau".Dürnstein is only a … [Read more...]

Visiting Dürnstein on a Danube River Cruise

Dürnstein is one of the Highlight Stops on a Danube River Cruise:One of the highlight stops on any Danube River Cruise is the charming village of Dürnstein.  As our river boat approaches the village, our tour director announces on the intercom, with some urgency, that it is time to get onto … [Read more...]