Travel the Gateway to Eastern Europe on an Elbe River Cruise

Elbe River Cruise

CRUISE FROM BERLIN TO PRAGUE ON AN ELBE RIVER CRUISE:Considered the gateway to Eastern Europe, a cruise along the Elbe River offers views of hilltop castles and medieval towns, contrasted with cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin and Prague and the restored baroque glories of Dresden.Elbe … [Read more...]

Dresden – One of Germany’s most Beautiful Cities

Dresden on the Elbe:With its scenic setting alongside the winding Elbe River, Dresden is reputedly one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. When you visit this charming and historic city with its baroque architecture, it's hard to believe that most of the buildings have been rebuilt since … [Read more...]

An Elbe River Cruise in a Historic Paddle Steamer

The Oldest and Largest Paddle Steamer fleet in the world:Long before the Elbe River became home to the very popular European river cruises of today, steamships have been plying the Elbe transporting goods and passenger traffic. In fact, it has been 174 years since royal assent was given for … [Read more...]