Esplanade Park – Helsinki’s Central Park

Helsinki's Esplanade Park - A Place for PromenadesEsplanadi Boulevard, Esplanade Park... however it's called, no visit to Helsinki can be considered complete without a visit to The Esplanade. Without doubt, that this section of Helsinki near the centre of town is a tourist delight.A … [Read more...]

Helsinki – Finland’s Capital City

Helsinki, A Fascinating Mixture of Historical and Ultra-Modern:Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has the distinction of being the second northern-most capital city in the world. Although its main attractions and monuments are a stark reminder of its past history, Helsinki today is a very … [Read more...]

Uspenski Cathedral – Helsinki's Orthodox Church

Uspenski Cathedral - Modeled after a 16th century church near Moscow:There are many churches in Helsinki city centre and one of the most notable is the Uspenski Cathedral. A visit to this landmark cathedral in Finland's capital is certainly worthwhile and should be included in your Helsinki … [Read more...]

Tuomiokirkko – Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki's Cathedral Architecture is reminiscent of its time under Russian rule:Tsar Peter of Russia had a well-known impact on St. Petersburg, Russia, the city that bears his name. What is less well-known is the flow-on influence he had on Helsinki.Tsar Peter had been dead for more than a … [Read more...]