Tower of London – A New Permanent Exhibition

Tower of London - A New Exhibition Explores  The Building's History:Having once served as a fortress, a palace, a prison, a base for royal power and now home to the Crown Jewels, the Tower of London is a building with a remarkable history. For over 900 years, it has been home to many British … [Read more...]

Tower Bridge – A Victorian Engineering Marvel

A Symbol of London when it was Built in 1894 and still a London icon today:Built between 1886 and 1894, the Tower Bridge quickly became a symbol of London when it was opened.  Up to this day, this flamboyant piece of Victorian engineering is still one of the grand icons of London.The … [Read more...]

London Attractions – Things To Do in London

London Attractions: London Has a Perfect Blend of Things to Do to Suit All Tastes:No matter what your tastes - whether modern or classical art, monuments and museums, zoos and gardens, shopping, nightclubs, theatre, music, and on and on - there's an abundance of things to do in London.  And if … [Read more...]

Tower of London – Once a Place to be Feared

The Tower of London is Now Home to The Crown Jewels:Few prisons can claim to be as popular an attraction as the Tower of London - unpleasant for some for over 900 years. Its twenty towersare filled with an ancient tradition of royal blood, armour and jewels and the history to match.The … [Read more...]

CultureLine Connects the Hidden Treasures of London

CultureLine - A Rail Link that Creates New Cultural Connections:London may have more museums and galleries than anywhere else in the world, but this has not stopped the City of London from exposing more of its hidden treasures to culture lovers.A new rail line linking the city's north and south … [Read more...]

Natural History Museum – London

The Museum has one of the Largest and most Diverse Collections in the World:Since its founding in the mid-19th century, the Natural History Museum has offered one of the largest, most diverse collections in the world. The dinosaur exhibits are world-renowned, but there are dozens of others … [Read more...]

London Attractions and London Sightseeing

The Essential Introduction to London:If you're new to London or haven't visited for a while, don't waste your precious holiday time trying to find out where places are. The best and quickest way to get an orientation of where all your London sightseeing attractions are is to join a … [Read more...]

London Duck City Sightseeing Tour

A Road and River London Sightseeing Adventure the Kids will Love:Just when you think you've seen all forms of London sightseeing transport options, this large yellow amphibious craft cruises past you with a load of tourists on board. Ah, the London Duck!The London Duck lets you see … [Read more...]

Tour Route of London | London Walking Tour

London's premier walking trail:London is a great city for sightseeing on foot - if the weather is fine that is!  There are many tourist attractions within close proximity of each other and many visitors would have pounded the pavements to Buckingham Palace and Westminster, strolled around … [Read more...]