See the Pristine Douro Valley on a Douro River Cruise

Douro River Cruise

CRUISE THE DOURO RIVER FROM PORTO TO THE SPANISH BORDER AND VISIT SPAIN:The Douro River is one of Europe's most western rivers, flowing through Spain and Portugal into the Atlantic Ocean.  On a Douro River cruise, you'll see restored palaces, historic cities, steeply-terraced vineyards and … [Read more...]

A Sunset Cruise on the Douro River

A Pleasurable Douro River Cruise from Porto:With the sun setting in the horizon, we board our Porto Cruz river boat at the Cais da Ribera, one of the quays where river boats are moored. The ramp from the quay to the boat looks steep, but I make it okay, even on high heels and carrying Tony's … [Read more...]