The Best of Burgundy and Provence on a Saône-Rhône River Cruise

Saone and Rhone River Cruise

SAIL FROM CHALON-SUR-SAONE TO AVIGNON ON A SAONE AND RHONE RIVER CRUISE:This cruise takes you past some of the most beautiful vineyards and landscapes in the French countryside. Travelling along the Saône and Rhône Rivers you pass through the famous wine region of Burgundy, the lavender-scented … [Read more...]

French River Cruises

French River Cruises

CRUISE THE LENGTH OF FRANCE ON THE SAONE-RHONE RIVERS AND THE RIVER SEINE:A river cruise in France is a cruise on the Saône and Rhône Rivers or the River Seine, or a combination of all three.Sail on a leisurely-paced cruise along the Saône and Rhône rivers through the heart of Burgundy and … [Read more...]

A River Cruise through the Heart of Burgundy and Provence

A Cruise for Lovers of French Wine and Good Food :Burgundy and Provence are two regions in France that are renowned for their wine and cuisine.  For anyone who's keen on French wine and good food, a Rhône and Saône River cruise takes you through the heart of Provence and Burgundy, France's top … [Read more...]