Drumcliffe’s Historic St. Columba’s Church

St. Columba's Church Site Has Been A Place of Pilgrimage For Over 1,500 Years:"Under Bare Benbulben’s Head In Drumcliffe Churchyard Yeats Is Laid...." and although Drumcliffe is best known around the world as the final resting place of William B. Yeats, the site on which St. Columba's Church … [Read more...]

Drumcliffe – Final Resting Place of William B. Yeats

Under Bare Benbulben's Head In Drumcliffe Churchyard Yeats Is Laid:Driving south from Donegal to Sligo, we make a stop at Drumcliffe, a town best known as the final the resting place of William B. Yeats.  Yeats' grave is in the churchyard of St. Columba's Church where his great grandfather, … [Read more...]

Tour Routes in Ireland

Where to go on your Irish trip A Suggested Route for a Comprehensive Irish Tour Ireland has more than enough places of interest to stand on its own as a tour destination, but it is often combined with England and/or Scotland in Europe tour itineraries. The following tour route is … [Read more...]