Piecing together Ravenna’s mosaic of attractions

Detail of the apse of Sant' Apollinare in Classe

Is Ravenna the best place to live in Italy?Despite being recently voted "Best Place to Live in Italy" by a leading newspaper Il Sole 24 ore, proud possessor of 8 UNESCO sites, burial place of Dante and home to Byron for a couple of years, Ravenna is strangely neglected by tourists. Distinctive … [Read more...]

Villa d’Este: Live from the Water Organ in the Gardens at Tivoli

The legendary Renaissance gardens of the Villa d'Este, arguably the most important in ItalyThe famous fountains and gardens of Italy's Villa d'Este made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Water Organ Fountain above the magnificent Fountain of Neptune entranced Villa D'Este's residents and … [Read more...]

Villa d’Este: live from the Gardens in Tivoli

The famous Fountains and Gardens of Italy's Villa d'Este made it a World Heritage SiteThe legendary Renaissance gardens of the Villa d'Este are arguably the most important in Italy, and inspired many other gardens all over Europe. The great fountains are particularly striking, and Helen sets the … [Read more...]

The Unique Porticos of Bologna

The Bologna Portico - A World Heritage Site:It was raining when we arrived in Bologna and to say that I was disappointed was an understatement. I was so looking forward to seeing this historical city in all its summer glory, but instead what we have was grey skies and wet grounds. Not that I … [Read more...]