How to Claim your VAT Refund at Helsinki Airport

How to Claim your VAT Refund

Non-EU Citizens Can Claim VAT Refund on their Shopping in Finland: If you're shopping in Finland and are a non-EU citizen, you are eligible to claim VAT refund on your shopping. To qualify for the sales tax refund, your purchases must be made in shops which display the Tax Free sign and the … [Read more...]

VAT in Europe – The Rise and Rise of VAT

VAT is on the Increase in Europe: As Europe muddles through to sort out its economic crisis, one of the many measures adopted for raising revenue has been the increase of VAT rates. It may be called by different names, but Value Added Tax (VAT) unfortunately impacts on the cost of our travel (not … [Read more...]

How to Get your Tax Refund at Rome Fiumicino Airport

The Process for claiming your Tax Refund at Rome Fiumicino Airport: There are lots of advice on the internet on the process to follow to get your VAT refund at Rome Fiumicino Airport. From our experience at Terminal 3 of Rome Fiumicino Airport, things have changed a little. Note: The Customs … [Read more...]