Via Francigena – Classic Walks Itinerary

Via Francigena - Itinerary: The Via Francigena was an ancient route once used by medieval pilgrims and other travellers on their way from Canterbury to Rome. Throughout the ages, merchants, armies and members of the clergy traveled back and forth between Northern Europe and Rome carrying goods, … [Read more...]

The Via Francigena – Classic Walks

Via Francigena: A Classic pilgrimage trail through Europe: The Via Francigena is one of the most interesting walks in Europe. This walk takes you along one of the most historic and longest pilgrimage paths. The Way begins in Canterbury and makes its way to Dover. A ferry takes the walker to … [Read more...]

Assisi and St Clare

A brief detour from the Via Francigena, the 2000 km pilgrim path which joins Canterbury to Rome. We had arrived in Assisi, the home of St Francis, Italy’s patron saint, and checked into St Anthony’s Guest House. St. Anthony’s was well designed for pilgrims and travelers; a coffee machine, … [Read more...]

The second most visited church in Italy

Assisi's Basilica San Francesco: We had been walking around the fabulous ancient hill-top town of Assisi as part of our journey along the Via Francigena. We followed the cobble-stoned road up to Piazza S. Francesco and entered the Lower Church of the Basilica San Francesco, the numero uno … [Read more...]

Travel Europe – meet a guidebook writer & Charlie Chaplin

Lausanne, Switzerland. On the Via Francigena When on the Via Francigena, there are precious few opportunities that come your way in regards to being ferried about instead of walking. Such an opportunity arose in travelling from Lausanne to Vevey - by ferry. In the morning, with the bright sun … [Read more...]

Via Francigena – Montefiascone and a legend

We were on the Via francigena and had arrived in the small Italian city of Montefiascone, built on an old volcanic ridge, a wonderful place to rest after the walk from Bolsena. We walked up the main road to a secondary winding road that led to the very top of the volcanic rim and to the remains of … [Read more...]

Via Francigena: Rome’s seven pilgrim churches

St. Paul's Outside the WallsVia Francigena: Rome, Italy. The Seven Pilgrim Churches San Pietro, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, San Sebastiano fuora la Mura, San Paolo fuora la Mura, Santa Maria Trastevere. Pilgrims throughout the ages have walked to … [Read more...]

Via Francigena: Martigny to Orsieres

Suddenly the mists parted, revealing the valleyVia Francigena: Martigny, Switzerland. After a filling breakfast we donned our packs and walked out into the wet, overcast weather which was rather pleasant after the past few hot days. We arrived at a park where there was a fork in the track. … [Read more...]

Passion Relics from Jerusalem

 Via Francigena: Rome: Refreshed after a Roman lunch, we continued to Holy Cross in Jerusalem (Santa Croce in Gerusalemme). The church was high on every pilgrim’s itinerary and its present name was given to it during medieval times. In 325 an old Roman palace was consecrated as a church to house the … [Read more...]

Via Francigena – Canterbury Cathedral

Pilgrims outside Canterbury CathedralBeginning the Via Francigena: Although still 1900 kilometers from Rome, the legacy of the ancient Romans was not hard to find in Canterbury especially if you visited the Roman Museum in Butchery Lane which encourages visitors to explore the subterranean remains … [Read more...]