Via Francigena – Rome – secret view

One of the best viewing placesWe were in Siena on the Via Francigena heading towards Rome. Hungry after the day’s activities, we enjoyed dinner in the hotel’s restaurant where we met Nick and Izaskum. . They had just returned from Rome and Nick suggested, that when we got to Rome, to walk up the … [Read more...]

St Bernard Pass – gateway throughout the ages

From Martigny in Switzerland (along the Via Francigena) we struggled over the hardy obstacle of a mountain ridge.Because a flood two weeks before had washed away the walking track and the railway track - both of which followed the river.We had planned to walk from Martigny to Orsieres that day, … [Read more...]

To visit a castle – sometimes take a bus

What a lavish breakfast at Hotel Helvetie in Montreaux, Switzerland. We were journeying along the ancient Via Francigena, the path that stretches all the way from Canterbury to Rome. After breakfast we decided to take the local bus four kilometers to Chillon Castle which lay on the lake’s (Leman) … [Read more...]