Cotswold Way – A Six-Day Ramble in the Cotswolds


A Circular Cotswold Way Walk Starting and Ending in Moreton-in-Marsh:One of the most famous walks in England is the Cotswold Way Walk, a 164 km long national trail running between the market town of Chipping Campden in the north and the famous city of Bath in the south. But you don't have to … [Read more...]

The Cotswold Way Walk – Our Walking Experience


Our First Time Walking the Cotswold Way and What We Thought of it:When our plans to spend time with friends in London changed at the last minute, Tony booked us a Cotswold Way walk to fill in our travel gap. The full Cotswold Way Walk is a 164 km long national trail that runs between the … [Read more...]

Did Hadrian build Hadrian’s Wall – We find out on our walk

Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail:Well, yes and no. But more about that later.... If there's one walk you want to do in Northern England that will take you back to the Roman era, then Hadrian's wall is for you.We had long thought about walking the wall and an opportunity came up last … [Read more...]

Milford Track – Classic Walks Itinerary

Milford Track - Itinerary:New Zealand’s Milford Track walk is a 54 km route that takes walkers through some of New Zealand’s most inspiring landscapes. A wonderful walking holiday.The walk must be done in 4 days, as the track can only support 40 independent walkers and 40 guided walkers … [Read more...]

Milford Track – Classic Walks

Milford Track - A Classic wilderness walk in New Zealand:New Zealand’s Milford Track is one of the best known walks there.This four day walk follows the Clinton and Arthur valleys in Fiordland, in New Zealand’s south Island.From Te Anau a bus transports you to Te Anau Downs wharf where … [Read more...]

Torres del Paine ‘W’ circuit – Classic Walks Itinerary

Torres Del Paine - Itinerary:Chile’s Torres Del Paine walk is a 58 km route that makes the Patagonian wilderness accessible to the average walker. The scenery: icebergs, glaciers, towering mountains and the famous Torres del Paine (Towers of Paine) make this a wonderful walking holiday.The … [Read more...]

Torres del Paine ‘W’ circuit – Classic Walks

Torres del Paine 'W' - A Classic wilderness walk in Patagonia:Chile’s Torres del Paine ‘W’ Circuit is one of the best known walks in Chilean Patagonia.This walk takes you through some of Patagonia’s finest wilderness areas.The trail begins at Lago Grey and continues along the lake and up the … [Read more...]

Discovering Leipzig On A Leipzig Music Trail

DISCOVER THIS CITY OF MUSIC BY WALKING THE LEIPZIG MUSIC TRAIL:Leipzig is a city which is associated with many famous composers of the 18th to the 20th century.  Johann Sebastian Bach worked in Leipzig from 1723 to 1750, Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig in 1813 and Leipzig was the most … [Read more...]

South Downs Way: Classic Walks Itinerary

South Downs Way - Itinerary:England’s South Downs Way Walk is a 164 km route that takes walkers across farmlands, through the woods, over chalk cliffs and along pleasant river valleys. A wonderful walking holiday for those yearning for gentle, yet impressive scenery.The walk can be done in … [Read more...]

South Downs Way – Classic Walks

South Downs Way: A Classic Walk through southern England:Britain’s South Downs Way National Trail is open to walkers, cyclists and horse riders. It runs for about 160 km between Winchester and Eastbourne following the rolling chalk downs of Sussex and Hampshire. The route follows prehistoric … [Read more...]