Wordsworth's Final Resting Place in Grasmere

At St. Oswald Church in Grasmere Are The Wordsworth Graves:Just as Stratford-upon-Avon is Shakespeare country, Grasmere and the Lake District is Wordsworth country. Born in the Lake District in 1770, William Wordsworth described the area as ‘the loveliest spot that man hath ever found'.  A … [Read more...]

Grasmere, Wordsworth and the Lake District – Part 3

We were in the Lake District on the Coast to Coast Walk across England, a 307 km journey. We were visiting Dove Cottage, one of Wordworth's home. Read on:Around this time the five Wordsworth children were born in the Lake District and the second eldest, William was to leave an indelible mark on … [Read more...]

Coast to Coast Walk – Nine Standards

We were on the Coast to Coast Walk and had just left Kirkby Stephen.Occasionally, we glimpsed a group of tall cairns known as the Nine Standards. No-one really knows who built them or for what reason, but one story is that they were placed on this Pennine ridge to give the marauding Scots the … [Read more...]