Danube Cruises from Passau

Danube Cruises Starting from Passau:

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Passau river front

Situated on the confluence of three rivers, the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers, Passau is commonly known as “The Three Rivers City”.

Passau’s location makes it an ideal stop for river cruises. The longer cruises such as the popular Amsterdam to Budapest cruises call at Passau as there are many things to see here, including the Passau Cathedral of St. Steven, with the world’s largest organ.

Danube River Cruises

Passau is also the starting point of many shorter river cruises.  There are many river cruise operators that offer  Passau cruises.  The majority of these cruise companies are German operators who cater to the German-speaking market.

There are some cruises where the on-board language is both German and English. So for travellers who speak some German or those who do not mind multi-lingual announcements on board, some of the following shorter duration Danube River cruises may be of interest.

There is a range of cruise operators from Passau, from 3-star to 5-star, so be careful to not choose your cruise based on price alone – look at what each company is offering, the standard of their river boats, the day-to-day cruise itinerary and what sightseeing tours are included to see if they are comparable.

Examples of Danube River Cruises from Passau:

  • Passau-Wien-Linz-Passau
  • Passau-Budapest-Passau
  • Passau-Belgrade-Passau
  • Passau-Kalocsa-Passau
  • Passau-Bratislava-Passau
  • Passau Oltenita Passau
  • Passau-Konstanza-Passau

For the comprehensive list of Danube cruises from Passau see here >

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