Yalta Dopobachennya! (Goodbye)

Leaving Yalta

One more chance to explore the sightseeing attractions of Yalta before our river boat sets sail for Kherson and the Fishermen’s Island.

Yalta, a Popular Holiday Destination

Alupka Palace, Yalta

Yalta, as a holiday destination, has a lot to offer visitors. It is rich in history and is scene of the 1945 Yalta Conference. Its nice summer weather has attracted Tsars and other aristocrats to build their summer palaces here in the past and these days Russian tourists flock down here to soak in the summer sun and all the entertainment that Yalta has to offer.

Yalta and the 1945 Yalta Conference

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Yalta

Yalta became famous internationally when Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met at the Livadia Palace to discuss the shape of Europe post World War II. Livadia Palace was also the summer palace of Tsar Nikolas II and a visit to the Palace provides an insight into the lives of the royal family.