Cotswold Way – a new Walks Course for you

Your guide to the Cotswold Way

Your guide to the Cotswold Way We are pleased to have released our Cotswold Way Walks Course for your enjoyment and information. . This is probably the quintessentially English walk that most walkers have heard of. So, a little bit about it. . First, I tell you about the Cotswold Way walking experience as we travel […]

Rome- the terminus of Via Francigena

Imperial and Christian Rome

walking into Rome after a 2000 km journey….. Imperial and Christian Rome One leaves a city alone for 2000 years and what happens. It becomes a ruin. I’m talking about Rome of course. Our journey- the Via Francigena, part walking, part public transport began 2000 km away in Canterbury, England. Crossing the Alps was fantastic […]

Llanthony – the valley in the heart of Wales

The handsome ruins of Llanthony Abbey

a visit to ancient llanthony We were on the Offa’s Dyke Walk. The handsome ruins of Llanthony Abbey The two miles to Llanthony took us a long time to walk, but eventually we could see the ruins of the famous abbey just below. The rain eased off, but we had become wary of its capricious […]

You knew it would come in handy – 2

Via Francigena pilgrims - on horses!

When you meet pilgrims on horses, you need a camera… The next morning we left via Rue de Gare and walked to the railway station and through the underpass making our way to Route D’Evian which led to a combined cycle – walking path along the Rhone River. Although the path was flat, it was […]

The Stone Mouth

The famous Mouth of Truth - (Bocca della Verita)

Across from a small park that contained the old Roman Tempio di Vesta, originally dedicated to the conquering god, Hercules Victor, was the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin which had attracted a line of people. We had arrived in Rome after a lengthy journey along parts of the Via Francigena. Carol had decided to […]

St Bernard Pass – gateway throughout the ages


From Martigny in Switzerland (along the Via Francigena) we struggled over the hardy obstacle of a mountain ridge. Because a flood two weeks before had washed away the walking track and the railway track – both of which followed the river. We had planned to walk from Martigny to Orsieres that day, mostly along the Dranse […]

You knew it would come in handy – 1

Mud and Rain in the UK

Well, you just knew that it would rain. After all, here we were on Offa’s Dyke in the middle of Autumn approaching a stile (gate in a fence) – and there are around 700 stiles to get over or through on this walk. The capricious showers don’t last very long, just long enough for you […]