Walking in Britain and Europe

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On the GR 65

Britain and Europe must be the favourite parts of the world to walk in. There is a range of great day walks and long distance trails for all classes of walkers. History trails, French vineyard paths, Italian coastal walks. For example, the GR 65 from Le Puy to Conques in France.

The GR65 is one of the traditional paths through France to the Pyrenees where, once across the mountain range, the walker or pilgrim continues along the Road to Santiago, also known as the Camino.

There were many ascents and descents along the path between Le Puy and Conques and plenty of villages in which to enjoy a cool drink or coffee. It took us thirteen days to get to Conques but some walkers do it in eight or nine. What do you think is the best number of days to walk it?

Walking parts of the Via Francigena from Canterbury in England to Rome is a fabulous, historic journey. Have you done it, or would like to do it? There are 2000 km of various walking tracks to cover.

The Cotswold Way, Offa’s Dyke and the wonderful Coast to Coast Walk across Northern England are some of England’s most popular walks, although our Welsh walkers may argue that Offa’s Dyke is more Welsh than English. What’s your favourite walk in Britain or Europe?

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