Are cakes and cider OK for walkers?

Bakewell tarts from Bakewell, Peak District, UK Follow Me on Pinterest

Bakewell tarts from Bakewell, Peak District, UK

This is a good question for any of us over 30, I’ll get back to that later in the post. But the truth is most of us are interested in our level of health, or at least well-being.

So how can walking help? There are so many positives about walking, it’s a wonder we got out of the habit. Well, it’s time to get back into the gentle rhythm of walking as a daily exercise as well as an opportunity to explore our environment.

Why would you like to walk? – So many reasons, but probably the main ones are to get fitter, to keep mobile, to see interesting places and to lose some kilos. It is true that you might not always lose weight on a walking holiday, but you probably won’t put any on. So are cakes and cider good for walkers?

Yes they are (hooray!) – in moderation. If you’re on a long distance walk, you are burning calories. So you are entitled to some type of food reward at the end of a superb day out on the moors or walking along the Cornish Coast. I might add that Cider goes particularly well with a Ploughman’s Lunch and a Bakewell tart admirably complements a cup of Yorkshire tea.

What about you? What do you think?

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