Offa’s Dyke – Classic Walks Itinerary

Walking on Hay Bluff, Offa's Dyke, UK

Offa’s Dyke: Itinerary: Britain’s Offa’s Dyke route is 307 km that takes walkers along the limestone ridge, the scarp of the Cotswold Edge. A wonderful walking holiday. The walk can be done in as little as 12 days, but for a more pleasurable walking experience 15 days plus one rest day, we suggest at knighton, is recommended.  […]

You knew it would come in handy – 1

Mud and Rain in the UK

Well, you just knew that it would rain. After all, here we were on Offa’s Dyke in the middle of Autumn approaching a stile (gate in a fence) – and there are around 700 stiles to get over or through on this walk. The capricious showers don’t last very long, just long enough for you […]

Walking in Britain and Europe

On the GR 65.

Britain and Europe must be the favourite parts of the world to walk in. There is a range of great day walks and long distance trails for all classes of walkers. History trails, French vineyard paths, Italian coastal walks. For example, the GR 65 from Le Puy to Conques in France. The GR65 is one of the traditional […]