Via Francigena – Rome – secret view

One of the best viewing places

One of the best viewing places We were in Siena on the Via Francigena heading towards Rome. Hungry after the day’s activities, we enjoyed dinner in the hotel’s restaurant where we met Nick and Izaskum. . They had just returned from Rome and Nick suggested, that when we got to Rome, to walk up the […]

Rome- the terminus of Via Francigena

Imperial and Christian Rome

walking into Rome after a 2000 km journey….. Imperial and Christian Rome One leaves a city alone for 2000 years and what happens. It becomes a ruin. I’m talking about Rome of course. Our journey- the Via Francigena, part walking, part public transport began 2000 km away in Canterbury, England. Crossing the Alps was fantastic […]

You knew it would come in handy – 2

Via Francigena pilgrims - on horses!

When you meet pilgrims on horses, you need a camera… The next morning we left via Rue de Gare and walked to the railway station and through the underpass making our way to Route D’Evian which led to a combined cycle – walking path along the Rhone River. Although the path was flat, it was […]

The Stone Mouth

The famous Mouth of Truth - (Bocca della Verita)

Across from a small park that contained the old Roman Tempio di Vesta, originally dedicated to the conquering god, Hercules Victor, was the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin which had attracted a line of people. We had arrived in Rome after a lengthy journey along parts of the Via Francigena. Carol had decided to […]

St Bernard Pass – gateway throughout the ages


From Martigny in Switzerland (along the Via Francigena) we struggled over the hardy obstacle of a mountain ridge. Because a flood two weeks before had washed away the walking track and the railway track – both of which followed the river. We had planned to walk from Martigny to Orsieres that day, mostly along the Dranse […]

To visit a castle – sometimes take a bus

Chamber below Chillon Castle

What a lavish breakfast at Hotel Helvetie in Montreaux, Switzerland. We were journeying along the ancient Via Francigena, the path that stretches all the way from Canterbury to Rome. After breakfast we decided to take the local bus four kilometers to Chillon Castle which lay on the lake’s (Leman) edge and came face to face with hundreds of other tourists who […]

Walking in Britain and Europe

On the GR 65.

Britain and Europe must be the favourite parts of the world to walk in. There is a range of great day walks and long distance trails for all classes of walkers. History trails, French vineyard paths, Italian coastal walks. For example, the GR 65 from Le Puy to Conques in France. The GR65 is one of the traditional […]