Some breathing space in our busy lives

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Walking in Rome

Walking is becoming more popular as we get older, for all sorts of reasons. One of them is to obtain more “breathing space” in our busy lives.

A walking holiday provides this and much more, such as the experience of engaging our senses with the land around us. Sure, there’s sweat and some tears in walking, but that coffee and cake in a little village just off the track through the moors, or that cold white wine with dinner make the day’s journey worthwhile. What about the culture and history of the places you enter?

When you are out on the trail, you have time to think, to unentangle those strands of thoughts. You are not worrying whether you turned off the gas, or made an appointment with the tradesman. You are enjoying the placing of one foot before the other and breathing in your surroundings. Your basic thoughts drift to what your accommodation will be like and what you will have for dinner tonight. Ahh – the breathing space. Which walking holiday has done it for you?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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