La Rochelle – the Templar port

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La Rochelle, historic French port

Walking in France – and arriving in medieval towns like La Rochelle is an amazing experience. I hadn’t read much about French history, but I had heard that the Templar fleet left La Rochelle days before King Philip IV arrested the Templars across France. It’s been said that the fleet transported the Order’s treasure to various locations around the globe, one of which was Scotland.

Standing on the cobble stoned quay I marvelled that it is the walker who can move so easily through history and as long as he or she has some knowledge of the place can gain a sense of the things, events and people who came before.

Walking is appreciating and participating in history. And Europe has so much of it. So all us history buffs – let’s get out there and walk in history.

How will you use this information to the fullest?

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