Dingle Peninsula – Europe's most westerly point


It’s raining, the streets look like a movie set. I’ve just arrived in Dingle, Ireland where I’ve been youth hostelling. Hurrying along to O’Sullivan’s Hostel, I meet Christopher, who had missed the bus, but managed to cadge a lift here. Inside the hostel, now out of the rain we meet brothers Rick and Peter from […]

Passion Relics from Jerusalem

A reliquary with a piece of the True Cross

 Via Francigena: Rome: Refreshed after a Roman lunch, we continued to Holy Cross in Jerusalem (Santa Croce in Gerusalemme). The church was high on every pilgrim’s itinerary and its present name was given to it during medieval times. In 325 an old Roman palace was consecrated as a church to house the Passion Relics that […]

Puenta La reina, the Templars and the Camino

The Pilgrim Bridge at Puenta la Reina

Puente la Reina- Camino: This town is an important spot because it divides the distance between Pamplona and Estella, making this section of the journey more manageable. Around 1000AD, growing numbers of pilgrims prompted the building of the town’s magnificent bridge. Puente la Reina means ‘Bridge of the Queen’ in honour of a royal sponsor. […]

Via Francigena – Canterbury Cathedral

Pilgrims outside Canterbury Cathedral

Pilgrims outside Canterbury Cathedral Beginning the Via Francigena: Although still 1900 kilometers from Rome, the legacy of the ancient Romans was not hard to find in Canterbury especially if you visited the Roman Museum in Butchery Lane which encourages visitors to explore the subterranean remains of Roman Canterbury. The Romans had built 6000 miles of […]

Via Francigena – Rome – secret view

One of the best viewing places

One of the best viewing places We were in Siena on the Via Francigena heading towards Rome. Hungry after the day’s activities, we enjoyed dinner in the hotel’s restaurant where we met Nick and Izaskum. . They had just returned from Rome and Nick suggested, that when we got to Rome, to walk up the […]

Coast to Coast Walk – Nine Standards

The None Standards - on the Coast to Coast Walk

We were on the Coast to Coast Walk and had just left Kirkby Stephen. Occasionally, we glimpsed a group of tall cairns known as the Nine Standards. No-one really knows who built them or for what reason, but one story is that they were placed on this Pennine ridge to give the marauding Scots the […]

Rome- the terminus of Via Francigena

Imperial and Christian Rome

walking into Rome after a 2000 km journey….. Imperial and Christian Rome One leaves a city alone for 2000 years and what happens. It becomes a ruin. I’m talking about Rome of course. Our journey- the Via Francigena, part walking, part public transport began 2000 km away in Canterbury, England. Crossing the Alps was fantastic […]